Lisa, we bought Rosie  from
you.  She was from Oakley &
Yoo-hoo born on 2-11-08.  She
is now seven months old and
just a joy to my husband and
myself.  The grandchildren
can hardly wait to come see
her.  I just thought you might
like to see a picture of her.  
She is worth every penny to
us.  She is so spoiled it is not
funny.  My husband says she
lets us live with her and that is
just about true.

Linda Turner  

Thank you for raising such a beautiful animal, we have never owned such a wonderful
pet.  We have named our puppy Ragamuffin (she goes by Muffin/Muffy) and she has
been the best addition to our family.  She has never had an accident, well behaved
and a very quick learner.  I have nothing but praise for your pups and when we are
ready for another addition we will gladly be back to see you.  Thank you again and
have a Happy New Year!!

Keree & Carl Grosso
Hi! This is Robyn Hubbard from Cedartown. We
would like to share some Christmas photos of
Scrappy! We really have enjoyed Scrappy in our
family. He is the joy of everone's life around here! We
are so thankful we found you 3 years ago! We have
referred our friend to you and they bought a solid
white puppy. Everybody that is around Scrappy
loves him! Hope you enjoy these pictures.  Llet me
know when Srappy's sister has puppies, because
we know a few people that would love to buy one!)
Merry Christmas!
Hi there.  My dad gave my Mom her puppy
on Saturday!  She fell in love with her the
first second she laid her eyes on her!  The
puppy is so much fun to have around and
FULL of personality!

Also wanted to let you know that the vet
was VERY impressed with the info you
gave and all the vac. you supplied her with.  
She wanted your website to refer people

Thanks again for everything!  We will
probably see you soon!  :)
Julie Bowman

The puppy was from Bella and Kobe
sold to Cliff Izer
Hello, we picked up our puppy just
before Christmas and she is doing
GREAT. Her name is Sadi Sue, My
daughter (Julie Bowman) coordinated
pretty much everything.

Anyway, my wife thinks she is ready
for a sister playmate. Sadi is about 6
mos I guess.

Thank you,
Cliff Izer
Here are a few letters from our past buyers. If you would like to
add your referral please
email us. Thank you to all for your
referrals. The best complement is a referral from our buyers!
Hi Lisa and Greg, We know you are busy this
evening with a birthday party and hope it
turns out great with the grandchildren.  We
just wanted to let you know we made it back
to Fayetteville fine with our “Gracie”. We just
love her!!!  She is just a great puppy and a
great addition to our home. We will keep you
posted. You all take care. Be Blessed and
have a Blessed Christmas!  Steve and Veta
Here are a few pictures of my babies at first
Sassie really didn't like King then after about 3
days she started warming up to him. I love him
just as much as I love Sassie!! They are so cute
together and he keeps getting I thank
my husband for him all the time because King is
just like a little teddy bear. He's just soooo very
cute..This was the best Christmas present he
could have gotten me and Sassie was the best
birthday present. So needless to say my hubby
will be on my good side for a long time.I'll send
you pictures as they get older.Thankyou again,
Elizabeth Thomas
Hi, Mrs and Mr. Mcdonald

I just wanted to email you some pictures of the baby (Lacey). She's
doing very good and I will keep in touch. I hope that you had a Merry
Christmas and continue to have a bless NewYear.

Thanks Again

Hi Lisa, here is a photo of our little pup Lola.
She is about 1 years
old and is the love of my life! My husband and
I don't know what we
would do without her in our lives. Thank you!

Tiffany & Jack from Atlanta, GA
I just wanted to send you a
few pictures of my two dogs
that i bought from you. They
have been so much fun and
are the sweetest little
things. The first one Maggie
will be 2 years old in March
and Chloe is almost 3. We
love them sooo much!

Thank you. Lori Larry and
Amber Brown
Hi Lisa....Today is my baby's 2nd
birthday. His name is Munky and
he is a Gracie and TK baby. He is
such a wonderful  and sweet
addition to our family. He is my 3rd
baby from you and all are perfect!  
I've attached 2 photographs of
Munky.... the first is the one you
took that appeared on your
website. The second is of him
today. What a beauty he turned out
to be! Thank you so much!

Tracy Williams

I wanted to send you some pictures of our little Zoey.  My sister in law
and I bought her from you in December (2008).  I believe she came
from Buffie and Kobe's litter that was born Oct. 10th.  She has grown
so much since we brought her home but as you can tell in the last
picture, she is still a petite little thing!   I think she weighs about 4 lbs
at 5 1/2 months.  She is the perfect dog for us!

We have enjoyed having her so much!  From the day we brought her
home she became a member of our family.  She has such a friendly
and playful personality.  Thank you so much for your help.  Zoey was
well worth the drive from Birmingham!

Trussville, AL
I just wanted to let you know the puppy is precious.  Everyone has
commented on him and I have one customer that might be interested in
one.  I am going to give him the website. Just wanted to let you and Steve
know he will be spoiled and very loved.  My kids are so excited about him.  
From what I seen when I came to pick the puppy up, I would definitely
recommend any one wanting a Shih Tzu to you.  

Hope you have a great day,

P.S. They named him Max, so we have Max and Maggie (My female)
Hi Lisa,

My fiance Brian and I had purchased a beautiful gold puppy
from you a couple of weeks ago and we just want to let you
know that he is absolutely a joy!  We have named him
Teddy, and is the most playful and loving dog.  We already
have another shih tzu, Rocco, who was a little shy.  Teddy
has completely brought Rocco out of his shell, and the two
of them always play and have a great time together.  Teddy
is always making us laugh, and there is never a dull moment
with Teddy.  Thanks again for the beautiful puppy!

Just had to email you and let you know our update on a puppy we bought from you last summer.  Romeo
was born June 12 and he is all black except some white on his chin & chest.  His hair is so silky smooth
and shinny and he is such a well tempered lil guy.  We are amazed everyday when we look at him and
see his little face, so content and good natured.  We feel blessed to have found you and selected a
puppy from your home.

Romeo is going on nine months now and gets along with the other shihtzus in our family just fine - he
learns a lot from them.  He loves to chew on doggy bones, eats well, runs in the backyard with the other
dogs, loves to go on walks and we take him on our travels in our new motorcoach - all four dogs always
go with us.  Buying the coach was our answer to being able to go away but take the pups with us..we all
have fun.  Our favorite place is Lake Lanier and we usually get our favorite campsite right on the point
where we have a beautiful view of the lake and the sailing club.

Thank you for this puppy we love him and we are so happy we found such a good reliable breeder.

His full name is Romeo Rocket MacMullan (Marietta, GA).
(he is short, dark and handsome)

Thanks again, Austin and Nancy,
Daisy, Casey Baby Bear and Romeo!
hi ms lisa this is niaya i bought the solid red male
now known as zion from you not to long ago just
emailing you to say he is a joy and we love having
him and hes doing very well he is already potty train
i just wnated to say thanks for everything and i will
be sending some picture of him shortly.

i just wanted to say thank you for our new puppy.  We picked up the black brindle puppy on
Saturday and he is wonderful.  IItook him to the vet yesterday and the vet says that he is
perfectly healthy.  I have had tons of compliments on him already.  He is eating well and getting
along great with my other Shih-Tzu.  My husband and i were VERY impressed with your home
and breeding facility.  No one ever guess that you even had dogs at your home much less 50
dogs.  I will recommend you to anyone that is looking for a puppy.   We named our puppy
Bentley.  He had his shots yesterday and did fine.  If we ever get another puppy I will definitely
purchase one from you again.  Thank you so much for taking the time to socialize and care for
your puppies properly.  We absolutely love Bentley and will purchase from you again.  Bentley
has no idea how small he is.  My 180lb male rottweiler is scared to death of him.  I will send you
pictures as he grows.
Amy Bradbury and family
Hi Lisa! Just wanted to let you know that the puppy is
still doing great!! I love her so much! We have finally
decided to call her "Lily-Bell". She is so very sweet and
has the greatest personality! I took her in to see our
vet yesterday for her well visit and he gave us a big
Thumbs Up!! Said she was a perfect little puppy! We
will take back in a couple of weeks for her next set of
shots.  Thank you again for this precious addition to
our family!! I would tell you to have a great time in
Vegas, but your husband assured me that you guys
would!! So my wish for you instead is that you come
back with much more money than you arrive with  
$$$$$$$$$$  !! Will be in touch with pictures and

Cindy Young
Hello McDonald Family,

It has been a little while but I was on your site looking at some of
your new pups and had to send you and update. In case you
forgot, my fiancé and I bought a pup from you in December of 07.
He is the rambunctious child of Kobe and Bella born on October
25, 2007. We just wanted to send our gratitude to you for
providing us with opportunity to make one of the best decisions of
our lives. We decided to name him Chico after our Alma Mater in
California. He has been the most fun I have had in a long time. He
is full of energy and has a very outgoing and curious personality.
He has become my sidekick and is probably one of the most
spoiled and loved dogs I have ever known...besides Spike of
course! I have attached a few pictures of him for you to add to you
collection. We hope to someday stop by and introduce him to his
extended family next chance we make it up that way. Again, thank
you for being such caring and loving people that truly take pride in
what you do for the love of the breed.

Fernando Castillo
Hello Lisa…I wanted to share a pic of my little fur-

My little pup had large little paws to follow.  She my
won my heart in only minuets…she is princess of the
house, pool and yard…she has me well trained.  She
is so well adjusted..not sure how you did this..

I hope you can see Saylor is happy….and she has
made her new mommy so happy.  

Thank you,

Lisa, Here is a pic of Bella at 16 wks.  Such a
smart little girl.  Just about house trained & is
such a joy to have.
She loves to go in the pool with me, not
scared a bit. Floated her on the raft yesterday.
Everyone who sees her just loves her.  We
are so happy to have such a good puppy.

Would it be possible to send by email a pic of
her parents?

Jean Hishon
Hi Lisa;
This is Migdalia,  I just want to thank you for Mocha, she is the most
beautiful and well behave puppy, she does not give me hard time at all,
since the first night she slept all night and not scream or cry.  I'm so happy
with mocha, she plays a lot with Ginger.  When she needs to be in a cage
or a room she is a quiet girl. Ginger my family and me loves Mocha so
much and She express her love to us licking.  I do not have enough
thank's to give you.  I pray for you and your bussines because you
blessed me with an angel.

Thank's, loves;
Hi Lisa,

I just wanted to share a picture of our, Milo. He is
almost 5 months old now. He was born in late
November 2008 from Cora Bell. He is such a joy. He
is amazingly loving and playful. Absolutely
everything we wanted in a puppy. Everyone always
comments on how beautiful his coat is. He is quite
the model for us, always posing for new pictures.
Milo has quite the personality already! He loves to
play fetch and run around in the yard. We simply
cannot even imagine our lives without him. Thanks
so much for this beautiful addition to our family!

Josie and Rob
I bought  a puppy from you in
August and I just wanted to send
you some pictures of him and
update you. We bought the black
and tan male. His name is Zeus
and he and his older brother spend
everyday playing until they tire
themselves out. Here they are.
Hi Lisa,

Just wanted to update and thank you for the for puppy born to Molly and Lindt
that we've decide to name Sophie she is a absolute joy very sweet, very well
socialized puppy she had her puppy check-up and was given a clean bill of
health she weighs a wopping 1.3# the vet even commented how well mannered
she is and everyone comments on her markings how beautiful she is I actually
meet a breeder this morning who asked if I were interested in breeding her I
asked if we can at least weigh 3# before we talk relationships(ha ha). Shes still
not eating that great but drinking very well I've started giving here the Eukanuba
wet and dry mixed she likes that better, and the night time thats a whole another
animal lots of whining and crying but the love and kisses during the day  
make-up for the sleepless nights.
Again just wanted to thank you for our wonderful family addition I'll be sending
you photo updates periodically.

Brandy, Kenneth, Brandon, Naomi, and Sophie
My name is Tiffany Voyles and my Husband got me a Puppy from y'all this past
christmas 2009 we got to pick her up on christmas eve..and once I saw her I feel in
love!!... I named her Molly she was born on 10-20-2009 and her mom was ladybug i
think.. Molly is the best christmas present I have ever gotten she is such a Great new
addition to our family!..FULL of personality!.. she just fits in great with all of us she is
now 5lbs and she puts our 100lb. boxer in his place! and her favorite thing to play is
chase with our 3yr.old son and she also loves to play with his toys just like a little
sister would do!!

she has grow up so fast! I love all the new things she is learning how to do..she potty
trained so fast! if anyone is reading this you  and your looking for a shih tuz
puppy  you Have to get one form Lisa and Greg..I had looked around  but I thought
they were the Best! and I was right!! they love what they do and it really shows in their
puppies!! and I'm sending you a few pictures of our Molly...
These are some better pictures of
Daisy's puppy, which we named her
Daisy also.  She is the sweetest little
baby and has the best personality.  She
loves her little bunny, she plays with it
all the time and growls at it and has
even started making barking sounds
while playing with it.

The Livingston Family

I just wanted to share some pictures of “Muffin” with you.  We purchased Muffin from
you in February of last year. My dad had just passed away and my husband wanted
to do something special for me.   I don’t even know where to begin… Muffin is not
like any dog that I have been around before.  She loves to dress up and loves to
get groomed.  She has a ton of clothes, even her own bikini.  She attended an
outdoor festival at church this past October with us and wore her pink sweater,
matching jogging shoes and pink wig.   I never thought I could love an animal so

When my youngest son was in the hospital over the summer with complications from
his kidney disease, we would sit and draw pictures of muffin and talk about what she
might be doing.  It always made us smile and made us laugh.  My mother stayed at
our home with our other children and with Muffin during that time and she couldn’t
believe how spoiled rotten she was.   When she went home to Texas at the end of
the summer, she told everyone about Muffin.  (She is now a redneck celebrity)  We
think of her and love her like one of our own children.  She has brought so much joy
and laughter into our lives.    Thank you so much for sharing her with us.  I spoke
with you earlier on the phone today, but again I just want to say, “thank you.”  She
has been such a blessing!  We truly love her.


                                                                          Pamela Cannon
Hi Lisa and Greg,

Here are a few pictures of our precious Mimi-born March 30, 2011
(parents-Buffie and Slate) and Molly-born Sept 4, 2010 (parents-Faith
Slate).   I took these today so you can get an good idea of their growth.
Mimi at 2 months and 23 days old (if my counting is correct, that is!)
Molly at 9 months and 13 days.   These two sweeties bring much joy to
life on a daily basis and it's going to be very difficult for me to let Mimi
go to our daughter once she loses her 12 year old Shih Tzu.  I'm hoping
will live SEVERAL MORE YEARS so I can continue spoiling Mimi for a
long time.  Haha  Molly was very easily house broken---has been for a
time now.  Mimi is doing extremely well also and eagerly awaits a treat

Lisa and Greg, you two deserve a lot of credit for all the love and care
have given your Shih Tzus' over your years of breeding them as it really
shows in the great quality pups you share with us.  Thank you so very
for such wonderful babies for us to love and enjoy.

I am eagerly awaiting the day when I'll hear  from you saying, "Good news,
Diamond and Jax are expecting".

Again, thanks for such precious Shih Tzus!!!!!!!!

Sarah Gotter
Mylo's vet appt went very well. Healthy and full of
energy. We signed him up with the puppy
insurrance too.
He is pretty much potty trained. He is doing
amazing. In his crate we have a towel, pad, food,
water bottle and toys too.. he seems to be
adjusting. I started using him on "house training
bells" that stick to the door and you use the puppys
paw to ring it and then let him outside...and Mylo
has gotten the hang of it somedays. Or he just
looks out the door.
We are so blessed to have am and happy that he is
apart of our family. We will keep you posted and
send some pictures too.

The Myers
Hey Lisa, here is an updated picture of my sweet Daisy.  She was in your Daisy and
Turners first litter.  She has not gotten very big, she is 19 months old now and weighs 3.5
lbs.  She just went into heat for the first time this past weekend.  Is that normal?  Daisy is
the funniest and sweetest baby girl.  She only barks and growls when she is playing with
her toys. I couldn’t help but notice the cute little solid black male you have in Ginger and
Slates litter.  I would love to have another one.  I think Daisy would like to have someone to
play with.  I just can’t decide if I want a male or female.

Lisa Hudmon
Smoochie Smoochie is out of
WooToo (Cappie) and Cadbury.
He is 6 months old and weighs
2.1 lbs!

Smoochie is staying here at
Yappity Yapp Kennels.
Hi Lisa!  Just wanted to send you a quick “Thank you so much” note.  We
love our puppy Keno who was from Mimi and Lindt’s recent litter of three.  
He is smart, funny and oh so handsome as you will see in the attached
photograph.  He went for his 1st haircut today and weighs 8.5 lbs at 16
weeks.  Obviously he is a good eater also.  He is just a sunshine and
everyone loves him with the exception of his older brother Domino (our 9
year old shih tzu) who at this point is only tolerating the new addition.   
Thanks again for such a wonderfully well bred puppy.

Kelly Colucci
Gizmo was born 7/21// son of
Cherry forgot father name. He is
a beautiful dog. Anyone that he
comes into contact with fall in
love with him.He has his own
personality and is a joy to be
around. I just want to say
INTO MY LIFE. I would like to
purchase another in the near
future around Christmas for my
sister. Just wanted to let you
guys know and see one of the
off springs of Cherry.Thanks
I love My baby ! We have had him since 2/14/2011 and he is
as spoiled as ever… Our 2yr sleeps with him, believe it or not
my husband is so attached to him. We named him Diego
Johnson!  He is so calm and relaxed!
He doesn’t bark but only when we are playing tag. I never
had  any Problems with him biting or chewing on any of our
shoes or anything else. I am so happy that we have him! My
neighbor feel in love with him that she even contacted you
guys and got a male “ bobo.” We are actually thinking about
getting another one

Hugs and kisses!!!!!!!
My little Zoe is from Mercedes and Slate.  She is so precious
and the sweetest little puppy there is.  She is still very tiny.
Weighs 2.4 lbs. She is a little daredevil.  You are right when
you said she knows how to take care of herself. My boy is 2
times bigger then her. Put she is the boss. She still has
snorting problem, but the vet said she will outgrow it.  I want
to thank you for picking her out for me. I didn’t know which
one to buy and you suggested her.  Someday I will like to
buy another one from you.  Thank you again for suggesting
her.  Sandra from Sheffield Al.
Hello Lisa,

I wanted to share with you the joy in our family. Thank
you for giving us an amazing gift.

Lola is smart, playful, full of joy, and a gorgeous and
she is always the life of the party.

We recently had family over the holidays and everyone
just loved her.

Lola has brought happiness to friends and family as

We hope to one day come back for a second addition
to our family.

Thank You for such a wonderful puppy.

Lilly Perez
Hi Lisa & Greg,
I bought a black puppy from you in November.  We are completely in love with her :). She's doing

I am writing to get more information on the little white puppy from Sunshine & Milkshake. Is he still
available & anything else you can tell me about him .  Plus any information you may have in a male
and house-training

Thank You ,
April Patterson & Family
Lisa and Greg,
I just wanted to send you a note to say Thank You so much for
our sweet Wicket! He is the life of the party!
He has a great personality, full of energy and fits right in to our
family. He was crate trained by 10 weeks old and has learned
where he
can and cannot be in the house. He almost has fetching down
along with "speak". He's the best dog we've ever had!

We hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Tracey Murphy
I just received and email from my uncle with a link to your
website in it. Five years ago he got me a puppy from one of
your litters. He said he stumbled upon your website again
and encouraged me to send a picture of Kira to you. She's
been a fantastic dog, she's never met anyone who hasn't
loved her.
-haley :)
Hey ......I have called and updated you along on how little Chloe is doing.  
She is the daughter of Larry Cook he got her from you last Dec and she is
a doll!  Bella is her mom.  I have a few pictures from when we first got
her and a couple from her 1 year Birthday.  She is such a sweetheart and
so thankful we found your site.  She loves to travel has her own stroller
and diaper bag.  She went out west this summer to Yellowstone and loved
the attention from all.  She is a cutie and knows it.....loves when she gets
all dressed up as she knows she is going some where.  She also loves
hunter with her dad and can sport cameo overall with the best of them.

He named her Chloe Bella after her mom.

I hope you enjoy seeing her!

Lisa.  I send u a pic of my two
sweethearts (black/white) Mimi
and (red/white) Abby from you.  
They're such as sweet queens.  I
enjoyed with them so much.
Dear Lisa and Greg ,

We got our puppy 1-14-12 , she was born on
11-16-11 her parents were Cadbury and Nutmeg . She
has grown to a little fire ball. She love grass and
looking out the window .Her most favorite thing to do is
play with her bunny. We love our puppy cookie,  thank
you so much guys. She is always learning new things
,  she is potty trained she follow our commands   and
is a great running partner. Thank you guys so much
for blessing us with this wonderful little fire ball.
Lisa & Greg,

A little over three years ago my now
husband, but then boyfriend gave me
the money to buy one of your sweet
babies. I picked one from Cherry and
Oakley. We named her Bella, she was
solid Red and she weighted 1.6lbs
the day she came with me. She is just
over three now and only weights
4.13lbs and she is spoiled rotten. I got
my first Shih Tzu when I was 13
and have had them  every since. I also
have a nine year old named Lexie.
Lexie and Bella are best friends, but
not at first it took about three
days for Lexie to even look at Bella. I
can't wait to get number three.
That's right we are waiting on our next
baby to be born at Yappity Yapp
Kennels. I want to thank you guys for
raising such beautiful Shih Tzu. I
sending some pictures.

Thanks, Sherrie Kyle-Burgess
Lisa and Greg-

We just wanted to share with you some pictures of our little guy Reese. He is
now 6 months old and he is the best dog we could ever ask for!
When we were first looking at puppies at yappity yapp, we had our heart set on
a white and brown dog but Greg showed us the chocolate ones; and said that
everyone always stops you and asks what kind of dog it is because no one
usually sees a chocolate shih tzu. He was right! I can't tell you how many times
we have been stopped and told how cute he is and what kind of dog he is. Once
we tell them they always are surprised and say "oh! I've never really seen a
chocolate one!"
Reese(cherry and slate's) is the best behaved dog. He is now 5 pounds and
was quick to be trained to ring a bell to go outside. He was trained in about 2
weeks and is also well behaved and listens well. He was crate trained after a few
weeks as well. He hardly chews on anything and is the best behaved dog ever!
We couldn't imagine not having him around.
Thank you again for breeding a well socialized dog who was so easily trained
and loves to give lots of kisses all the time:)

The Serrano's
Carla, Rhondie, Xander, Jaiden