Hello my name is Spike. I am a 12 year old red and white
Shih Tzu. I am pretty much the boss around the McDonald
home. My family pretty much knows who rules the roost. I
have been known to have nicknames such as Sir Duke and
Master Spike! My brothers and sister now have kids and
even at such a young age, all four of them are beginning
to understand "Don't Mess With Me".

My life started out on June 18, 1997. I was the runt of
the litter. My mom wasn't going to keep me. She had
recently just got over the passing of her other Shih Tzu,
Squiggles. I've heard we are very much a like, but yet at
the same time very much different. I guess the thing we
have most in common is that we are Mamma's Baby.
Anyways, back to me (of course), I had this funny little
spike on my head so my mom started to call me Spike. My
dad told my mom every day, "You really don't need another
dog after what happened to Squiggles." Well my mom
started taking me to work with her and started spending a
lot of time with me since I was so small. My mom got
really attached to me and wasn't going to let me go.

One night, I was about 6 months old and my mom and
sister were playing on the computer and I went into a
paralyze stage where I couldn't move. My mom instantly
panicked and called the vet. The Vet looked at me the next
morning and told my mom and dad that their was nothing he
could do, that only the vet at Cobb Emergency Animal
Clinic can do. After getting in touch with the Doctor Early,
my family's hopes of a miracle were not looking good. The
vet told my mom and dad that he has seen this one other
time and it was in a Maltese and after the surgery, the
dog didn't make it.

After many of tears, it finally came to a point, my
parents couldn't put a price on my life. I had the surgery.
The vet went in an rewired the muscles in my neck. This is
the only surgery they couldn't guarantee. They were told I
would never be able to walk again and if I did, it would be
several months to a year. After all this, I believe
MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN! I have to admit, I got my
spoiling from this surgery, from being carried everywhere.
My mom slept next to me at night on the floor while I
slept in a laundry basket. I was very determined to prove
that doctor wrong! I was going to walk. It took me about Four months
and I was walking. I have a funny walk. I
sometimes get called Cyclops.

It has been 11 years now and I am still going strong. I
couldn't ask for a better family. I might be a little bit
spoiled, but my mom and dad and brothers and sister love
me very much. My brothers and sister like to aggravate
me a lot, but I think it's jealously! They just wish mom
loved them as she does me!

Always have faith! If I can come through this traumatic
surgery, anything can be possible!
Today is June 7, 2011 at 2:00PM. I am lying here in my big king size bed for the last time with my mom, dad,
and one of my brothers. It is time for me to leave, although I am not ready to, my body has given up on me. I
have held on for almost 24 hours longer than my Uncle Rick expected me to. I wanted to give my mom and
family time to hold me and talk to me. I heard every word and I am taking them with me. I am 11 days shy of
turning 14 on June 18. Everyone who knew my family knew of me. By having my story on this website, when
people would come look at puppies they would ask to meet me. Everyone loved my life story. I know that I have
touched so many lives and have left an impression on every heart. Please know that I am a puppy again. I am not
hurting or suffering anymore. I will be cremated and I will stay on my mom's night stand next to her bed. I
will not be far when life brings her hurt. All my mom has to do is call and I will be there in her heart. I will get
to meet Squiggles and tell her about all the grandchildren how wild and crazy they may have been- but I sure
did love watching them. I am sure Squiggles and I will have late night talks and Pup-pepperoni Treats. We may
have been very different in so many ways but I know for sure we had in common a mom and dad that loved us
to the end of the earth. When something happens to my mom, I will be placed in her arms and we will be
together again. I want to thank everyone for the texts, email's, and phone calls to my mom it has helped her a
lot. I hope that tears do not tie us together but the memories we have with each bring a smile to your face.  My
mom always hoped if she sold one puppy out of all her time owning Shih Tzu's that could make someone happy
as I did my mom, then she has done her job. I wanted to end this with a letter to my mom to conclude my life.

Mom- I couldn't imagine a better life. You told me every secret, i heard every cry, every laugh. I gave you
hope when times were tough and while I was sick, I know that you gave me hope. My last few days on Earth as
everyone was telling me bye, my heart was hurting as I saw yall suffering because I was soon leaving. I will be
beside you still and in your heart forever. Be happy that we had so many years, I gave you my love and you can
only guess how much you gave me in happiness. Let your grief be completed by trust, it is trust that it is a
short while until we are together. When time calls for you to come this way- I will greet you with a smoochie
smoochie and say Welcome Home! I love you mom. And I love my daddy brothers and sissy and my niece and
nephews. To the grand kids- keep my mom and dads heart full, for they need comforting right now through
this tough time.

Thank you for taking such good care of me and always know I am the Duke of White, The King, The Master. If
it has goodness in its name- I own it! My heart is full of love and time has come. We will meet again!